Uni K1 Black Rings

Uni K1 Black Rings

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Special metal structure and special heat treatment and unique black coating processes on the ring together ensure:

  • The ring has a hard and smooth surface which results in improved wear resistance and fatigue strength

  • The heat treatment processes give a smooth working surface between the ring and traveller with better tribological characteristics (high friction wear resistance) between them. Uni K1 Black show excellent working properties at any speeds.

  • Lower coefficient of friction as compared to our Uni Ultima+ Rings

  • Improved matrix structure

  • Greater resistance to wear with hardness above 1100 Hv

  • Increase in life of the ring by 15–20% as compared to the life of a normal coated ring

  • No running in required

  • Suitable for very high speeds

  • Suitable for all types of fibres, especially the newer and modern fibres such as Kevlar, Bamboo, Tencel, Modal, Melange, etc.